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Access to screenings

How can I get a badge?
La Semaine de la Critique does give specific badges.
The ones given by the Cannes Film Festival (Press, Marché du Film and Festival) give access to La Semaine de la Critique’s screenings.
Only the members of the crews of the films selected at the Semaine de la Critique can ask, through La Semaine de la Critiquen, for a Festival badge.

Espace Miramar

How can I attend a screening?
Depending on the badge you have, there is a priority order to attend our screenings.

Express access:

- Priority Marché du Film badges

Priority access:
- Press badges

- Marché du Film badges
- Festival badges

Non-priority access:
Cannes Cinéphiles badges 

Free tickets delivered at the box office of the Espace Miramar (space permitting).

Address and hours of the box office:
Croisette, facing the rue Pasteur
May Wednesday 11th to Friday 20th
10:00am - 13:30 & 14:30 - 18:30


Some of the selected films are also screened at the Salle Buñuel. You must have a Press, Marché du Film or Festival badge to access this screenings.

The Semaine de la Critique’s films are also screened at the following venues, in partnership with Cannes Cinéma. For these screenings, the Press, Marché du Film, Festival and Cannes Cinéphiles badges are accepted. For the non accredited spectators, there is a “last minute” line that may freely give access to the screening (space permitting).

Le Théâtre de la Licorne
25, Avenue Francis Tonner
Quartier Cannes la Bocca
06150 Cannes

Le Cinéma le Raimu
Avenue de la Borde
Quartier Ranguin
06150 Cannes

Le Studio 13
23, Avenue Docteur Raymond Picaud
06400 Cannes

Le Théâtre Alexandre III
19 Boulevard Alexandre III
06400 Cannes

During the festival, you can also watch the films in competition at the Valbonne Cinema (


If you are a journalist, the Press Office staff is here to help you with screenings schedules.

Dany de Seille
Tel. 33 (0)1 45 08 08 53 (Paris)
Tel. 33 (0)4 4 92 99 83 94 (Cannes)

If your film is selected at la Semaine, the Film Department is here to answer all your questions concerning the screenings of your film.

Hélène Auclaire
Tel. 33 (0)1 45 08 81 56 (Paris)
Tel. 33 (0)4 92 99 83 94 (Cannes)


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