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The 50th edition of La Semaine de la Critique will be taking place in:

In 2011, we will celebrate 50 years of discoveries and will pay a tribute to all the directors who made their debut at la Semaine de la Critique, from our early discoveries who are now big names in the film industry, to our newer talents of more recent years with:

• A 96 pages magazine handed in Cannes during the Festival (40 000 copies). This bilingual (French/English) magazine will focus on 50 years of discoveries in Cannes through critics of major films, interviews and articles about the evolution of various worldwide film industries. A prestigious editorial board, composed of Jean-Jacques Bernard (President of the French Union of Film Critics), Danièle Heymann (Marianne) Pierre Murat (Télérama) and Charles Tesson (Les Cahiers du Cinéma) is working on it.

• A collection of memories and anecdotes (videos) from the directors who wished to share the souvenir of their first time in Cannes.

• Special guest in Cannes

• Tribute Series all over the world



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